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If you are a Light Sport Aircraft enthusiast, or a Sport Pilot at heart, you've come to the right place! 

Light Sport Planes - A division of Bushwhacker Aircraft Company, LLC,  offers high quality  PA-18 Super Cub Experimental parts, and HKS Engines.  We are also now offering a special S-LSA version of  Piper PA-18/J3/Clipped Wing Cub variation, the BushCub Sportsman.  It will be powered by the Lycoming IO-233, offering the most power in its class.  Precision-cut Fuselage Tubing Kits are now available for those who want to weld their own fuselage, without the labor intensive coping and grinding.  We also offer the BushCub XP - a "1-Ton" Cub Variant, in an Experimental Kit.  Fully Welded Fuselages now available in both models.

Click a link below and get started!  If you have any questions, email us for a quick response.  If Light Aircraft and Supercubs turn you on, we'd love to hear from you!!


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HKS Engines



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